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The South East Asian Education Trust was established in the year 2000 with the main objective to provide academic excellence to all sections of the society. The trust focuses on imparting quality education, disciplined integrated personality development, research, management skills to face the global challenges.

The campus at South East Asian Education Trust with its extensively landscaped garden, is widely acknowledged as one of the most beautiful school in Bangalore, harmoniously combining buildings and open spaces. S.E.A.E.T prides itself on its world-class facilities, intermingled with the heritage protected buildings and state-of-the art teaching and research facilities, including lecture and performance theaters, tutorial space, studios and laboratories. S.E.A.E.T has computer laboratories throughout the campus, carrying the latest software & hardware in general and subject-specific.

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Our Objectives


To provide higher education to the students in its vicinity giving equal opportunities to all, equip the student community with academic. social, scientific and spiritual values and to enable them to have an insight the spirit of transparent governance and public.


Committed to equality education provide creative learning opportunities thrust for practical analysis and problem solving teaching methodologies to enable students to become resourceful.


To evolve skilled & value based resource professionals to provide opportunities to the students without any discrimination, to find space for the exponential growth of personality & character, education & empowerment and to face the challenges of tomorrow successfully through quality education.



Principals Welcome Note

    The S.E.A Composite PU College provides inclusive education that uses modern learning technologies and range of teaching strategies to develop the acquisition lifelong independent learning and research scheme.

    The Students are intelligent, creative and inquiring. Effect management systems promote responsibility and self management. Student and teacher relationship are mutually respectful and discipline is firmed friendly and fair. A board balance curriculum is designed to  make students socially literate.

    Welcome to S.E.A Composite PU College.

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